2016 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Maine USA Gymnastics

Annual Membership Meeting


Professional Members Present: Delani Sher, Doug Springer, Louanne Thibodeau, Valerie Jackson, Heather Fournier, Belisa Harriman, Cyndi Ranco, Mallory Nugent, Dan Parks, Roxannne Deshaies, Tyler Goulden, Alex Dickinson, Mary Madore, Heidi Hall, Susan Wiemer, Rod Gendron, Stacey Contekos, Carol Hamilton Brewer, Donna Landau

Recognition:          JO Club of the Year – Leaps N Bounds

State Service Award – Carol Hamilton Brewer

Carol was elected for another term as State Chair.

State Chair Report:

1.There is one SAC open seat for XCel Rep. The following members have put themselves in nomination for this position – Melody Gammon, Mallory Nugent, Susan Wiemer. Voting will be online.

  1. Carol shared the report from the Regional Meeting in June and Maine’s report to the Region. Be sure to check the Region 6 website regarding new regional requirements regarding Lvs. 1-5 vault, Lvs. 2-3 balance beam, Lv. 8 vault, and floor ex music for athletes competing in regionals and above.
  2. Maine Membership: 519 Athletes, 61 Pro Members, 15 Clubs
  3. State Fundraising: After discussion, the state decided to table fundraising until we can establish exactly what the purpose will be.
  4. Continue to grow and improve the website. Roxanne Deshaies volunteered to keep the Facebook page updated.
  5. All State run meets, clinics, registrations, etc. will be through Meet Maker.
  6. Club dues will be $100 and must be paid through Meet Maker by 10/1/16.
  7. Financial – $213, 279.96 in Region 6 account; Maine – $13,707.65.
  8. Xcel Mobility – Lv. 3/4 – Gold; Lv. 5/7 – Platinum; Lv. 7 and up – Diamond. If an athlete is 14 years or older, she may choose the level and send a video to the Xcel SAC rep.

State Calendar 2016/17:

August 14 – Annual Membership Meeting, 10 AM Hampton Inn, Augusta

September 17 – National Gymnastics Day

September 24-25 – Rising Stars, New Image Gymnastics, Brentwood, NY

October 8 – Mobility Meet, Waterville Y

October 9-10 – Rising Stars XCel, 10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Stow, MA

October 14 – Working Together for Nationals, Aim High Gymnastics, East Greenwich, RI

October 15-16 – Rising Stars, Aim High Gymnastics, East Greenwich, RI

October 23 – Rising Stars Compulsories, Gym and More, Boston, MA

November 6 – Rising Stars, Compulsories and Optionals, Bright Raven, Rochester, NY

November 13 – Kellogg’s Tour of Champions, Boston, MA

November 18-20 – Gobble Wobble Invitational, Dudziak’s, Biddeford

December 16-18 – American Flyers Cup Invitational, MAG at XCEL Sports, Saco

January 8 – Andy Valley Qualifier, all levels, Lewiston

January 28 – Xcel Meet, Rumford

February 10-12 – Frostbite Invite, Dudziak’s at Biddeford High School, Biddeford

February 18 – Maine Declaration (Drop-back) Date

February 18-19 – Maine State Qualifier, Waterville YMCA

March 4 – High School Meet, Pen Bay YMCA

March 5 – Fur, Feathers and Fins Theme Qualifier, Leaps N Bounds, Fairfield

March 11 – Spring Fling Theme Qualifier, Lvs. 2-8/Xcel, GymNation, Kennebunk

March 18-19 – Maine State Championships All Optional Levels and Qualifier for Compulsories and Xcel, MAG off-site TBA

April 1-2 – Lvs. 2-5 and Xcel Maine State Championships, Waterville Y

April 7-9 – Lvs. 9-10 Regional Championships, Springfield, MA

April 22-23 – Lvs. 7-8 Regional Championshps, Springfield, MA

April 27-30 – Lv. 9 Eastern Championships, Summit Sports & Ice Complex, Lansing, MI

May 5-7 – JO National Championships, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

May 20-21 – Xcel Regional Championships – TBD

August 4-6 – Region 6 Congress, Providence, RI

August 17-20 – National Congress/P&G Championships, Anaheim, CA

Judges’ Report:

Heidi Hall gave the report.

* Judges’ Clinic, one for the north; one for the south in November/December

* If there is any interest in sending a Lv. 7 Team to the National Judges Cup in Virginia Beach, January 7-8, let Heidi know. She will compile the information and get back to everyone.

* If hosting and paying for judges, fees are taxable. Mileage, meals, housing are reimbursable and not taxable.

* Check R&P regarding changes in how a judge’s time is calculated.

* It is increasingly difficult to get judges from out-of-state. Therefore, Maine needs to grow its own.

* Let Deb Smith know if a meet goes from 2 days to 1 day in order to adjust numbers of judges needed.

* Submit Judge Request Forms A/S/A/P. Judges are assigned first come, first served.

SACC Recommendations:

Meet Fees – no opposition/passed

State Championships – $70 Lvs. 2-5, B/S/G Xcel; $75 Lvs. 6-10,P/D Xcel

Sanctioned In-House Theme Meets – $60/$65 (Ask for a waiver to charge more)

Sanctioned Qualifiers – $41/$46

Gate Fees – $7 Student & Seniors; $10 Adults (you may charge less)

Age Divisions – will be set by 1/15/17 once rosters are complete. They will be the same for all state-run competitions. –  no opposition/passed

Event Specialists at Lvs. 6, 7, 8 will not be allowed. – no opposition/passed

Clinics – no opposition/passed

* Maine will host a UNH Clinic for compulsories, bronze and silver Xcel.

* Maine will host a clinic with Ivan for Lvs. 6 and up and gold, platinum, diamond Xcel.

Qualifying to States – SACC recommended no qualifying scores to allow for maximum participation and that gymnasts compete in 1 Qualifier and 2 Sectionals.

Discussion followed.

Rod Gendron moved that the requirement of 2 sectionals be changed to any 2 sanctioned in-state meets may be used as sectionals. Sectional fee of $15 per gymnast must be paid via Meet Maker when registering.

Seconded by Doug Springer.

Passed unanimously.

The requirement of 1 other qualifier stands as recommended by SAC.

It is understood that gymnasts must compete to qualify, not just touch on events.

Send meet results to:

Donna Landau, dmlandau@hotmail.com

29 Chickadee Lane, Kennebunk, 04043

Qualifying to Regionals – Top 7 athletes regardless of age group and 34.0 AA.

Senior Scholarship – Maine will continue to collect $1/athlete from the host gym for all in-state meets. This money will be earmarked for the senior scholarship awards as before. – no opposition/passed

Next State Meeting, Sunday, July 9, 2017, 10 AM

Submitted by Donna Landau, Secretary