Winter Newsletter 2019

First of all – I would like to congratulate Tina Ferriola on being selected as the 2018 Business Leader of the Year. There is no question that Tina is a leader – owner of 3 successful gymnastics facilities in NYC [NYC Elite]; USA Gymnastics NY State Administrative Chairman; National Gymnastics Foundation Board Member; Chairman of the Athlete Assistance Fund and most importantly the mother of 3 beautiful girls.
Congratulations Tina – thank you for your leadership. You set the bar high.
2019 is an election year for the position of Regional Administrative Committee Chairman. My plan is to seek re-election for this position. If re-elected – it will be my last term serving the membership of USA Gymnastics Region 6. I look forward to the next 4 years and passing the torch to the next leader. read more: Winter Newsletter 2019

Message to the community from Kerry Perry

See the article and video here

Today I want to address the significant events that have taken place since I started with USA Gymnastics 90 days ago and what our path forward looks like in creating a culture of empowerment with our focus on athlete safety and well-being.

There is no doubt that all of us have been forever changed by the recent Larry Nassar hearings. I was in the courtroom to listen to the incredibly courageous women explain in vivid and painful detail the impact he had on their lives. Their powerful voices will stay with me for the rest of my life. I commit to you that I will keep their words and experiences at the core of every decision I make, every day, as the leader of this organization. Their stories have broken my heart, but also strengthened my resolve.

The best way to honor our athletes is to ensure that we do everything we can to prevent this from happening again by making bold decisions and holding ourselves to the highest standards of care.

In 90 days, here are just a few of the bold decisions and actions we have taken.

  • Closing the National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch.
  • Fully supporting both the USOC and Congressional independent investigations and the new federal law regarding safeguarding amateur athletes.
  • Creating an Athlete Assistance Fund, in cooperation with the National Gymnastics Foundation, that provides our athletes who are survivors of sexual abuse the needed financial resources for counseling services.
  • Building an Athlete Task Force where our athletes help shape our organization’s future in its strategic and operating decisions.
  • Continuing to implement the Deborah Daniels recommendations stemming from an independent evaluation of USA Gymnastics’ safety policies, 80 percent of which already are being implemented as of today.
  • Strongly enforcing the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy that:
    • requires mandatory reporting.
    • defines six types of misconduct.
    • sets standards to prohibit grooming behavior and prevent inappropriate interaction.
    • establishes greater accountability.
  • Making reporting of abuse easier with a dedicated toll-free number (833-844-SAFE), email address ( and online reporting.
  • Amending the bylaws to support the cultural commitment to athlete safety and provide a basis for further developing our safe sport programs and governance.
  • Continuing our Listening Forums and outreach to as many of our survivors, athletes and member clubs as possible to help guide USA Gymnastics policies and procedures.
  • Incorporating expert’s ideas and strategies in the enhancements of our safe sport education and curriculum to create a best-in-class curriculum customized to fit the varying member groups.
  • Educating and training our staff and members on the new Safe Sport Policy, where I am pleased to report that our staff is 100 percent safe sport compliant.

We realize many of you have questions about the financial situation, sponsors, pending litigation, National Team Training Center and others. Here’s a brief update on each of these.

  • Finances. We are constantly looking at how we are positioned to address the goals and needs of the organization. As we talk about fundamental change, this includes looking at our structure, our programs, our staff, our gymnastics community and other important factors. While we continue to evaluate the organization from top to bottom to fit the needs and mission of the organization, we understand the financial implications of doing that without impacting quality. We are very mindful of the quality of our programs, and it is not our intent to affect the ability of our athletes to train and compete at the highest level. We are confident that we will have and enlist the financial support necessary to make appropriate changes for building a culture of empowerment.
  • Sponsors. Understandably, USA Gymnastics has lost some of our corporate partner support, but we are very encouraged by the support that many organizations and companies have expressed with our path forward in creating a highly empowered culture focused on our athletes’ safety. We believe our partners will be highly engaged and supportive, and we look forward to working closely with them.
  • Litigation. We understand that litigation can be full of uncertainty, but the leadership of USA Gymnastics seeks resolution and healing for all of our athletes and will move forward to build a culture of empowerment together.
  • Club support. Member services continues to develop educational and training materials that help support the member club owners in all areas with emphasis on athlete safety. The safe sport team is working side-by-side with our educational team to develop materials that are age-appropriate and tailored to the different audiences to include athletes, club owners, coaches, instructors, judges, staff and parents. They are creating a club tool kit that incorporates safe sport education and other types of resources aimed at providing additional support. The Regional and National Congresses, along with other initiatives, provide further educational and informational opportunities for clubs and all professional members.
  • National Team Training Center. We envision an all-inclusive training site with world-class facilities that provides a positive training environment for athletes in all of our disciplines. This is an opportunity not only to build a state-of-the-art facility, but also, most importantly, to provide the highest quality of care to meet the needs of our gymnasts. Athlete safety will be at the forefront when designing and building the facility and its programs and amenities. We are very encouraged by the number of cities, developers and communities that have expressed great interest in having the National Team Training Center in their area. This is a priority for USA Gymnastics, and we expect to distribute a request for proposal in the near future. In the meantime, each discipline is identifying the best solution for training its national team and developmental athletes. We appreciate everyone who is assisting our programs with their training needs while we pursue a long-term solution for the National Team Training Center.

Our work is far from being done, it won’t be easy, and we can’t do this alone. We need our independent member clubs, their coaches and instructors, the athletes and their parents, judges and the gymnastics community to join with us. Athlete safety must be at the forefront of everything we do, every day.

We are at a very important crossroads for our sport. We have the opportunity to further build an environment that empowers and supports our athletes as they develop the confidence, character and life skills that will allow them to succeed in this amazing sport. We need to work together to accomplish this for both the young men and women who are pursuing their gymnastics dreams today and to honor those who have gone before.

I want to end with a quote that I read the other day, “No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.”

My hope is that we will be standing side-by-side with our incredibly brave survivors, as USA Gymnastics emerges stronger, safer and more empowered.

Thank you,
Kerry Perry
President and CEO
USA Gymnastics


USA Gymnastics supports GAT’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 1, 2017 – USA Gymnastics supports the Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which GAT established to help gym owners hit hard by Hurricane Harvey with their efforts to rebuild, refurbish, clean and recover. Many clubs are at or near a total loss. The fund will provide assistance not only for clubs in South and Southeast Texas, but also in Louisiana and other areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people and communities who have been and continue to be impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath,” said Ron Galimore, chief operating officer of USA Gymnastics.  “USA Gymnastics is proud to support GAT’s relief initiative, and having one central point for channeling the gymnastics community’s effort to help its beleaguered brethren is an ideal approach.  We appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of those who can contribute to the relief fund, whether it is large or small.”

“It is with great appreciation that we receive the notes and prayers the community has sent to us directly and through USA Gymnastics,” said James Jeffers, chairman of Gymnastics Association of Texas. “It is truly inspirational to those of us who are on the ground and dealing with the realities of the situation.  We realized the importance of an effort to assist our clubs in moving forward, and we thank USA Gymnastics for its immediate and steadfast ongoing support of our gyms and people in need here in Texas and the other areas impacted by the storm.”

Donations to the GAT Hurricane Relief Fund may be made via the association’s website and/orFacebook page.  GAT is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Information for gym clubs about how and where to apply and the process and the criteria for awarding assistance will be posted on the GAT website.

“Experience has shown just how much our gymnastics community can do when working together for the benefit of our sport, athletes and clubs,” said Jeffers. “Thanks to everyone for whatever support you can provide to help us through the difficult days, weeks and months to come.”

The Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) exists to serve the gymnastics club owners, coaches and judges by providing the most up-to-date training, teaching, business and early childhood development practices available. Through an annual convention, GAT serves not only the great State of Texas, but also the entire United States by being a go-to source for everything gymnastics, both recreational and competitive.

Based in Indianapolis, USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States. Its mission is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in the sport. Its disciplines include men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics and Gymnastics for All (formerly known as group gymnastics). For more complete information, log on to

New online Judge’s course available now!

J416: Level 9 Composition is an online video course. The goal of this course is to train judges and coaches to identify compositional requirements for Level 9 Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise and to apply deductions correctly. Starting with a review of the compositional considerations, the course then presents theoretical routines (in symbols) to review the appropriate deductions, and then 6-8 routine videos are followed by symbols and deductions.

Once the course is complete, Judges are able to print a one-time/one-hour of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit.

2016 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Maine USA Gymnastics

Annual Membership Meeting


Professional Members Present: Delani Sher, Doug Springer, Louanne Thibodeau, Valerie Jackson, Heather Fournier, Belisa Harriman, Cyndi Ranco, Mallory Nugent, Dan Parks, Roxannne Deshaies, Tyler Goulden, Alex Dickinson, Mary Madore, Heidi Hall, Susan Wiemer, Rod Gendron, Stacey Contekos, Carol Hamilton Brewer, Donna Landau

Recognition:          JO Club of the Year – Leaps N Bounds

State Service Award – Carol Hamilton Brewer

Carol was elected for another term as State Chair.

State Chair Report:

1.There is one SAC open seat for XCel Rep. The following members have put themselves in nomination for this position – Melody Gammon, Mallory Nugent, Susan Wiemer. Voting will be online.

  1. Carol shared the report from the Regional Meeting in June and Maine’s report to the Region. Be sure to check the Region 6 website regarding new regional requirements regarding Lvs. 1-5 vault, Lvs. 2-3 balance beam, Lv. 8 vault, and floor ex music for athletes competing in regionals and above.
  2. Maine Membership: 519 Athletes, 61 Pro Members, 15 Clubs
  3. State Fundraising: After discussion, the state decided to table fundraising until we can establish exactly what the purpose will be.
  4. Continue to grow and improve the website. Roxanne Deshaies volunteered to keep the Facebook page updated.
  5. All State run meets, clinics, registrations, etc. will be through Meet Maker.
  6. Club dues will be $100 and must be paid through Meet Maker by 10/1/16.
  7. Financial – $213, 279.96 in Region 6 account; Maine – $13,707.65.
  8. Xcel Mobility – Lv. 3/4 – Gold; Lv. 5/7 – Platinum; Lv. 7 and up – Diamond. If an athlete is 14 years or older, she may choose the level and send a video to the Xcel SAC rep.

State Calendar 2016/17:

August 14 – Annual Membership Meeting, 10 AM Hampton Inn, Augusta

September 17 – National Gymnastics Day

September 24-25 – Rising Stars, New Image Gymnastics, Brentwood, NY

October 8 – Mobility Meet, Waterville Y

October 9-10 – Rising Stars XCel, 10.0 Academy of Gymnastics, Stow, MA

October 14 – Working Together for Nationals, Aim High Gymnastics, East Greenwich, RI

October 15-16 – Rising Stars, Aim High Gymnastics, East Greenwich, RI

October 23 – Rising Stars Compulsories, Gym and More, Boston, MA

November 6 – Rising Stars, Compulsories and Optionals, Bright Raven, Rochester, NY

November 13 – Kellogg’s Tour of Champions, Boston, MA

November 18-20 – Gobble Wobble Invitational, Dudziak’s, Biddeford

December 16-18 – American Flyers Cup Invitational, MAG at XCEL Sports, Saco

January 8 – Andy Valley Qualifier, all levels, Lewiston

January 28 – Xcel Meet, Rumford

February 10-12 – Frostbite Invite, Dudziak’s at Biddeford High School, Biddeford

February 18 – Maine Declaration (Drop-back) Date

February 18-19 – Maine State Qualifier, Waterville YMCA

March 4 – High School Meet, Pen Bay YMCA

March 5 – Fur, Feathers and Fins Theme Qualifier, Leaps N Bounds, Fairfield

March 11 – Spring Fling Theme Qualifier, Lvs. 2-8/Xcel, GymNation, Kennebunk

March 18-19 – Maine State Championships All Optional Levels and Qualifier for Compulsories and Xcel, MAG off-site TBA

April 1-2 – Lvs. 2-5 and Xcel Maine State Championships, Waterville Y

April 7-9 – Lvs. 9-10 Regional Championships, Springfield, MA

April 22-23 – Lvs. 7-8 Regional Championshps, Springfield, MA

April 27-30 – Lv. 9 Eastern Championships, Summit Sports & Ice Complex, Lansing, MI

May 5-7 – JO National Championships, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis

May 20-21 – Xcel Regional Championships – TBD

August 4-6 – Region 6 Congress, Providence, RI

August 17-20 – National Congress/P&G Championships, Anaheim, CA

Judges’ Report:

Heidi Hall gave the report.

* Judges’ Clinic, one for the north; one for the south in November/December

* If there is any interest in sending a Lv. 7 Team to the National Judges Cup in Virginia Beach, January 7-8, let Heidi know. She will compile the information and get back to everyone.

* If hosting and paying for judges, fees are taxable. Mileage, meals, housing are reimbursable and not taxable.

* Check R&P regarding changes in how a judge’s time is calculated.

* It is increasingly difficult to get judges from out-of-state. Therefore, Maine needs to grow its own.

* Let Deb Smith know if a meet goes from 2 days to 1 day in order to adjust numbers of judges needed.

* Submit Judge Request Forms A/S/A/P. Judges are assigned first come, first served.

SACC Recommendations:

Meet Fees – no opposition/passed

State Championships – $70 Lvs. 2-5, B/S/G Xcel; $75 Lvs. 6-10,P/D Xcel

Sanctioned In-House Theme Meets – $60/$65 (Ask for a waiver to charge more)

Sanctioned Qualifiers – $41/$46

Gate Fees – $7 Student & Seniors; $10 Adults (you may charge less)

Age Divisions – will be set by 1/15/17 once rosters are complete. They will be the same for all state-run competitions. –  no opposition/passed

Event Specialists at Lvs. 6, 7, 8 will not be allowed. – no opposition/passed

Clinics – no opposition/passed

* Maine will host a UNH Clinic for compulsories, bronze and silver Xcel.

* Maine will host a clinic with Ivan for Lvs. 6 and up and gold, platinum, diamond Xcel.

Qualifying to States – SACC recommended no qualifying scores to allow for maximum participation and that gymnasts compete in 1 Qualifier and 2 Sectionals.

Discussion followed.

Rod Gendron moved that the requirement of 2 sectionals be changed to any 2 sanctioned in-state meets may be used as sectionals. Sectional fee of $15 per gymnast must be paid via Meet Maker when registering.

Seconded by Doug Springer.

Passed unanimously.

The requirement of 1 other qualifier stands as recommended by SAC.

It is understood that gymnasts must compete to qualify, not just touch on events.

Send meet results to:

Donna Landau,

29 Chickadee Lane, Kennebunk, 04043

Qualifying to Regionals – Top 7 athletes regardless of age group and 34.0 AA.

Senior Scholarship – Maine will continue to collect $1/athlete from the host gym for all in-state meets. This money will be earmarked for the senior scholarship awards as before. – no opposition/passed

Next State Meeting, Sunday, July 9, 2017, 10 AM

Submitted by Donna Landau, Secretary




Member Club Legislative Advocacy (MCLA)

Stay up to date with the Member Club Legislative Advocacy with our network.
It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN.

USA Gymnastics selects sites for women’s Junior Olympic championship events in 2017

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 1, 2016 – USA Gymnastics has selected the sites for 2017’s three Junior Olympic championship events for women’s gymnastics:  U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships, Indianapolis, Ind.; Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern Championships, Lansing, Mich.; and Junior Olympic Level 9 Western Championships, Boise, Idaho. The Junior Olympics is USA Gymnastics’ age-group, developmental program, and these three events feature the country’s top female gymnasts for Levels 9 and 10.

“We look forward to staging the championship events in these three cities next year, and we encourage fans to come out and support these outstanding athletes,” said Rhonda Faehn, senior vice-president of women’s gymnastics for USA Gymnastics.

The U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships is the culmination of the competitive season for Level 10, the highest Junior Olympic skill level that is just below the elite level.  The Eastern and Western Championships serve as the pinnacle for Level 9.  More details for each of the championship events are outlined below.

Numerous Junior Olympic champions and medalists have gone on to make the U.S. National Team and represent the United States in international competition and/or to compete in collegiate gymnastics. Many of the country’s top gymnasts are former participants in the Junior Olympic program, including 2012 Olympic team champions Jordyn Wieber and Kyla Ross, 2009 World vault champion Kayla Williams, 2008 Olympic team silver-medalists Shawn Johnson and Samantha Peszek, and 2004 Olympic team silver-medalist Courtney McCool, to name a few.

U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships

The 2017 U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships will be held at the Indiana Convention Center.  Scheduled for May 6-7, the two-day competition is expected to showcase over 675 gymnasts.

USA Gymnastics is staging the event in conjunction with Indiana Sports Corp. Indianapolis has served as the headquarters for USA Gymnastics since 1983.

The Junior Olympic National Championships is the culmination event for the competitive season. The competition features twelve age divisions (Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, Junior D, Junior E, Junior F, Senior A, Senior B, Senior C, Senior D, Senior E and Senior F), which are determined by birth date. These gymnasts are vying to become Junior Olympic national champions in the all-around, as well as in all four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. The competition schedule will be determined closer to the event.

USA Gymnastics has eight regions, and the top seven gymnasts from each region’s Regional Championships advance to nationals. The winning regions will also be determined at the conclusion of the competition. The top four all-around athletes in each age division also qualify to the 2017 Junior Olympic National Team and are invited to attend a national training camp at the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch, a U.S. Olympic Training Site, in Huntsville, Texas.

The states that comprise each region are:  Region 1 — Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah; Region 2 – Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington; Region 3 – Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming; Region 4 – Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin; Region 5 – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio; Region 6 – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont; Region 7 – Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; and Region 8 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Women’s Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern and Western Championships

Slated for April 28-30, the Eastern and Western Championships are the competitive season’s finale and feature the best gymnasts in the country for Level 9.  The 2016 Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern Championships are headed to the Summit Sports and Ice Complex, and the Junior Olympic Level 9 Western Championships go to the Century Link Arena.

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority and Gedderts’ Twistars USA Inc. are organizing the Eastern Championships, which feature 16 age divisions that are determined by birthdate. The Eastern Championships include the top gymnasts from USA Gymnastics Regions 5-8. The states that comprise each region are: Region 5 – Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio; Region 6 – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont; Region 7 – Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; and Region 8 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

The Western Championships, which feature sixteen age divisions determined by birthdate, will be hosted locally by the USA Gymnastics Region 2 Committee. The Level 9 Western Championships showcases the top gymnasts from Regions 1-4. The states that comprise each region are:  Region 1 — Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah; Region 2 – Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington; Region 3 – Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming; and Region 4 – Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

Based in Indianapolis, USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States.  Its mission is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in the sport.  Its disciplines include men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics, and group gymnastics. For more information,

2016 Winter Newsletter

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On behalf of Region 6 – CONGRATULATIONS TEAM USA, and in particular Aly Raisman; Mihai and Sylvie Brestyan on the Gold Medal performance at the 2015 World Championships. This event is the start of an exciting season that leads to the 2016 Olympic Games. The Road to Rio will make a few stops in the Region 6 area. First up is the 2016 AT & T American Cup [March 5th Newark, NJ] followed by the 2016 Secret U.S. Classic and Men’s P & G Gymnastics Championships [June 3 – 5 Hartford, CT]. Information is available at USA Gymnastics

I would like to take this opportunity to say ’thank you’ to a special group of people that contributed their knowledge and expertise at the Region 6 Developmental and High Performance Camps. The goal of these camps was to provide training opportunities that will improve the performance of Region 6 at the National Championships.

Thank you to Regional Staff members Dawn Alban; Christalle Auger; Matthew Bond; Byron Knox; Patrick Palmer; Tara Pasiakos; Dave Tilley; Jason Vonk; Juston Ziegler. In addition to our Regional Staff – thank you to Dan Baker; Jim Chudy; JJ Ferreira; Alicia Sacramone-Quinn; Ryan Roberts; Gail Caspare and Pat Panichas. Thank you to Aim High Gymnastics; CT Gymnastics Academy; Gold Medal Gymnastics – Huntington for hosting these events. Last but not least – thank you to Marlyce Morace [Regional Camp Director] for making this vision a reality.

The J.O. Season is in full swing. Please review the procedures / criteria for meet registration; petitioning and qualification to the Regional Championships.

Clubs are responsible for adhering to all published deadlines.

Best Wishes for a successful championship season,


Annual Pro Membership Meeting Minutes 7-26-15

Annual Pro Membership Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2015

Welcome/Roll Call: Rod Gendron, Stacey Contakos, Mary Madore, Valerie Jackson, Heidi Hall, Heather McGeehan, Kristen Dowler, Melody Gammon, Alexis Evans, Delani Evans, Belisa Harriman, Cynthia Ranco, Roxanne Deshaies, Donna Landau

State Chair Carol Hamilton Brewer was unable to attend because of a recent surgery. Vice Chair Roxanne Deshaies presided in her place.

Recognition: Congratulations to 2015 State Service Award Recipient – Mary Madore and 2015 Maine JO Club of the Year – Maine Academy of Gymnastics.

Mary Madore and Kate-Lynn Poulin have stepped down from their positions on the State Administrative Committee. Thank you for your service.

It was decided at the SAC meeting in June to reduce the committee size from 7 to 5 for better efficiency:

  • Roxanne Deshaies – vice chair
  • Donna Landau – secretary/score verifier/senior scholarship
  • Jamian Walker – optional levels rep
  • Delani Evans – compulsory levels rep
  • Kristen Dowler – xcel rep
  • Carol Hamilton-Brewer and Roxanne Deshaies – awards/apparel reps
  • Carol Hamilton-Brewer – fundraising

State Chair Report:

  • Athlete membership up 25%
  • There will be 3 qualifying sectionals this season:
  • Region VI – Level 8 regional qualifiers – top 7 athletes at states regardless of age. No age group state teams. There will be 2 all-star teams derived from percent of percent.
  • Level 7 regional qualifiers – top 7 athletes at states regardless of age, there will be 2 all-star teams derived from percent of percent.
  • Level 9/10 age groups have been expanded
  • Xcel divisions and regional qualifiers – same as last year
  • State website: feedback was – more professional look; USA Gymnastics should be included on home page; Xcel state scores were missing.
  • All state-run meets will use Meet Maker to register athletes. Also use MM for club dues payment, regional apparel payment
  • Membership approved $100 per club dues. Which will be payable on Meetmaker
  • Discussion and approval for a Champions Banquet to be held on April 30. Participants would be AA state champions and regional qualifiers. Their costs would be covered by state fundraising. Others would pay for themselves.
  • Two fundraising clinics to be scheduled for fall 2015: one for September 27, at Dudziak’s with UNH coaches and team, Donna Landau contacted Ed Datti and he has just confirmed that this will work for them. The second clinic for we tried to get Mike Lorenzen, but have not heard anything so we are trying to get some other coaches and more information will be available about this as soon as we know anything.  The weekends that we are looking at are 10-10/11 or 10-17/18.

NAWGJ-ME Report: None. Judges haven’t had their meeting.  The Maine NAWGJ chair is Deb Smith; judge assignor is Heidi Hall; JUST CONFIRMED:  NAWGJ-ME meeting will be Sunday, September 13 at Leaps N Bounds, time TBA.

R & P:

  • National Vault Changes for Level 8: spotting on post flight = 1 point deduction but does not void the vault. If a gymnast elects to do 2 vaults, the second vault is the score that counts even if it is a lower score. There are also changes in the works for Level 7 for the 2017 season. Will keep you posted.
  • Age Divisions will be set once rosters are complete and they will be the same for the season for all state-run meets.
  • State Qualifying scores -voted and approved
  1. Levels 2/3 and Bronze – no minimum qualifying score
  2. Levels 4/5 – 31.00 AA
  3.   All optional levels and the rest of Xcel – 32.00 AA
  4. To qualify for regionals  – 34.00 at states (Level 7 & up; Xcel silver & up)
  • Awards – voted and approved:
  1. All state qualifiers will receive a state leotard
  2. Instead of participation medals for States, everyone will receive an AA trophy
  3. At sectionals, everyone will receive an AA participation medal – go out 100%

State Calendar and Bids:


  • Bids for sectionals and Stated meets must be returned to Carol by 8/31
  • 9/13  – NAWGJ-ME meeting at Leaps N Bounds, time TBA.
  • 9/26 & 27  – Rising Stars, New Image in NY, compulsories & optionals
  • 9/27 – Clinic with UNH coaches and gymnasts, all levels and divisions at Dudziak’s  – INFO OUT SOON!
  • 10/4 – Rising Stars, Gym & More, MA, Lvs. 1-5
  • 10/10 & 11 or 10/17 & 18 – Clinic info still TBD
  • 10/23 – Working Together for Nationals, Aim High, RI
  • 10/24 & 25 – Rising Stars, Aim High, RI, Lv. 6 and above
  • 11/8 – Bright Raven, Rochester, NY, compulsory and optionals
  • 11/20-22 – Gobble Wobble Meet, Dudziak’s, all levels
  • 12/5 – 207 Meet, gymNation, Lvs. 2-5 and Bronze Xcel
  • 12/11-13 – American Flyers Cup, Maine Academy,  XL Sports World, 200 North Street Saco, ME 04072
  • Judges north and south clinics/critiques – dates and locations TBA


  • 1/9 & 10 – Sectional #1, Waterville, Y
  • 1/31 – Fur, Feathers & Fins Meet, Leaps N Bounds, Lvs. 2-8 & Xcel
  • 2/5-7 – Frost Bite Invite & Sectional #2, Biddeford, hosted by Dudziak’s
  • 2/6 – Recycle Meet, Leaps & Bounds, Lvs. 2-8 & Xcel
  • 2/28 ­– Qualifying Meet, Andy Valley, all levels
  • 3/5 – Save the Date – High School Championships, grades 8 – 12, site TBA
  • 3/12 & 13 – Spring Fling, gymNation, non-sanctioned Lvs. 1-4 & Xcel; sanctioned Lvs. 2-5
  • 3/18-20 – Lv. 9/10 States and Sectional #3, site TBA
  • 3/25 – Maine Regional Team Clinic/Critique, 4-8 PM, Dudziak’s with in-state and out-of-state judges
  • 4/2 & 3 – States, Lvs. 2-8 and Xcel, site TBA
  • 4/8-10 – Level 9/10 Regionals, Sprinfield, MA
  • 4/16-17 – Level 7/8 Regionals, site TBA
  • 4/29-5/1 – Level 9 Easterns, Virginia Beach, VA
  • 4/30 – POSSIBLE Champions Banquet, site TBA
  • 5/7-8 – JO National Championships, Ft. Worth, TX
  • 5/21-22 – Xcel Regionals, site TBA
  • 7/8-10 – USA Gymnastics Congress/Women’s Olympic Trials, San Jose, CA
  • 8/5-7 – Region 6 Congress, Providence, RI
  • 8/5-21 – Olympic Games, Rio

Boys Meets

  • 12/6 – Boys Meet, gymNation, Lvs. 6 and under
  • 1/23-24 – Boys Frost Bite Invite, Dudziak’s
  • 2/28 – Boys Meet, North Atlantic

Other Business

  • Stacey Contakos initiated a discussion on bringing back high school gymnastics in Maine. She is working on a 5-year plan to get 10 schools or more to recognize gymnastics as a varsity sport. Everyone in attendance was enthusiastic about this happening. She will begin working with Carol and New Hampshire on first steps. Meanwhile, save the date, 3/5 for a High School Championship meet for grades 8-12. More soon.
  • Send all meet results in ProScore to score verifier: Donna Landau, 29 Chickadee Lane, Kennebunk or email It is the responsibility of the host club to send meet results for in-state meets to Donna. Clubs who compete out-of-state are responsible for sending meet results to Donna


  • Heidi Hall is the state judge assignor. Send completed forms to her plus $3 per judge per meet to her a/s/a/p in order to get judges in a timely fashion. Heidi Hall, P.O. Box 385, Sangerville, ME 04479. Checks are payable to NAWGJ-Maine.

Meeting Adjourned:  11:15 AM

Donna Landau

SAC Secretary



USA Gymnastics Region 6 Winter Newsletter

Greetings Everyone,
It is hard to believe – but the championship season is on the horizon. USA Gymnastics Region 6 has been busy preparing for success. At the 2014 Region 6 Congress – coaches voiced their desire to offer a training situation for our up and coming athletes. The Region 6 Developmental Camp became a reality and two camps were held [November / January]. The objective of this camp was to create an opportunity for our region’s strongest young Level 7, 8 and TOPS athletes and their coaches to work together in a centralized training situation to develop these athletes in preparation for levels 9 and 10, leading to a more successful showing from Region 6 at Easterns and J.O. Nationals.

Read the full USA Gymnastics Region 6 Winter Newsletter including Regional Directory, 2014 Tops Team, 2015 Regional Championships information, Region 6 Athlete Apparel, Region 6 Developmental Camp and Calendar

Qualifying Scores

AA Qualifying Scores – same as last year
Level 2 – no score
Level 3 – no score
Level 4 – 30.0
Level 5 – 30.0
Level 6 and up – 31.0
Xcel – 30.0

Qualifying Score for Regionals
Level 7/8 – 32.0 and placement at States
Level 9/10 – 34.0 and placement at States
Xcel – 32.0 and placement at States

Awards – The state will recognize all competitors by level/age groups with a participation award before the placement awards ceremony. Events and All-Around will then go out 1/2 of the number of competitors in each age group at all State-Run meets.

Meeting minutes Sept 7, 2014

USA Gymnastics-Maine Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2014

Welcome/Roll Call:  Belisa Harriman, Cyndi Ranco, Valerie Jackson, Mary Madore, Roxanne Deshaies, Janice Cormier-Hay, Betsy Lee, Heidi Hall, Heather MacKenzie, Louanne Thibodeau, Tracy Daigle, Doug Springer, Rod Gendron, Jamian Walker, Delani Evans, Heather Jackson, Julie Hayden, Stacey Contakos, Jonas Contakos, Kathy Kandziolka, Donna Landau, Carol Hamilton-Brewer

JO Club of the Year – Waterville YMCA

State Service Award Recipient – Donna Landau (stepping down as State Chair). She received a 10 year service award at National Congress

State Chair Report:
USA Gymnastics brand – The new logo has a round “head” on the design. Please respect the brand and make sure you are using the right logo when you would like to use it. No one may change the colors of the logo without the permission of USA Gymnastics.

State Fundraising – Carol Dickinson is stepping down as Fundraising Rep. Donna Landau is taking over.

Website – New website coming the end of September. Meet Maker is the official registration format for all state-run meets. Deadline for each meet will be 1 month before the meet date.

Facebook Page – USA Gymnastics-Maine will be making an informational Facebook page. Only information will be posted. No pictures.

NAWGJ-ME Report:  Heidi Hall, USA Gymnastics Assigner; judges fees went up 3%. Please submit judge request forms ASAP. Judge cancellation is 14 days.

Club Dues:  Please mail your $100 club dues by September 30. Make checks out to “USA Gymnastics-Maine” and mail to 822 Middle Rd., Skowhegan, ME 04976.

SAC Reports:
Compulsory – JO Update is in Technique. If you read it and don’t understand it, email Delani Evans (

Optional – Warm-up time at States for level 8+ is 2.5 minutes

Xcel – Everyone seemed interested in an Xcel clinic to be updated on some very specific changes. Some changes: Xcel can’t do the same skill 3 times in a routine (tumbling), Silver: new vault. All Meet Refs should have a copy of the Xcel Code of Points on an iPad during a  meet.

Fundraising – Super Raffle idea – get big ticket items, sell tickets all year at the state-run meets and draw the winners at the State Meet. Charity will be cancer. $1 Head Tax for each Maine athlete in every in-state meet to be paid to “Maine” within 48 hours after a meet by meet director. Meet Directors can factor this fee into competition fees.

Awards & Apparel – All in-favor for leotards as gifts at State Meet

Scores – Meet Directors and teams that go to out-of-state meets, please mail scores ASAP to Kate Poulin, 64 East Side Trail, Oakland, ME 04963 or email

R & P:
Changes to R&P – New chapters: Xcel & Elite TOPs Development. New clubs trying to come to USA Gymnastics league per R&P – gymnasts must compete same level in both leagues.

AA Qualifying Scores – same as last year
Level 2 – no score
Level 3 – no score
Level 4 – 30.0
Level 5 – 30.0
Level 6 and up – 31.0
Xcel – 30.0

Qualifying Score for Regionals
Level 7/8 – 32.0 and placement at States
Level 9/10 – 34.0 and placement at States
Xcel – 32.0 and placement at States

Awards – The state will recognize all competitors by level/age groups with a participation award before the placement awards ceremony. Events and All-Around will then go out 1/2 of the number of competitors in each age group at all State-Run meets.

Bids for States & Sectionals:  Bid forms for State-run meets should be back to Carol by the end of September.

Other Business:
-Annual Meeting next year will be in June
– State-Run clinics – Talked about having Ivan come do a clinic, with other Maine coaches volunteering on other events.
– Delani talked about possibility of having Sherry Mann (Brevet judge) do a dance/beam clinic in the Fall, and maybe later in the season having a judging clinic (along with the judges)
– Camp Tracy clinic? – overnight clinic at Camp Tracy and bus athletes to area gyms for training camp
– Register athletes ASAP with USA Gymnastics

JO Meeting Minutes – two motions approved

Minutes from the May, 2014 JO Meeting have been posted.  Two major motions have been passed:
1.  Effective 2015:  Top 7 athletes in each age division will qualify to Level 9 East/West Championships.
2.  Effective 2016:  The JO NIT will be eliminated and there will be 12 age divisions at JO Nationals with three days of competition.

See the minutes for the official motions

A huge thank you goes to GK as they have agreed to provide the standard apparel for the additional athletes so we can provide more opportunities for our athletes to compete at our Championship Meets.

USA Gymnastics Maine has a new website

The Maine chapter of USA Gymnastics is kicking off the 2014-2015 season with a new improved website.  Along with a new look, the new website also offers member clubs, judges, gymnasts and the public an opportunity to access helpful information, upcoming event info, past event results and more.  Member Clubs, be sure to access helpful USA Gymnastics branding and event info.  Gymnasts, please check to get details about upcoming meets.  You’ll also find information about how to reach Member Clubs, Judges and the new State Director Carol Hamilton-Brewer.

Budgeting For The New Season

In order to assist clubs and professional members in planning for the 2014/2015 competitive season, we wanted to make you aware of a slight change in membership pricing. Starting with the opening new season all membership prices will go to one flat fee and will no longer have discounted pricing when registering online. Please see below for the membership pricing structure.

2014/2015 Membership Fee Structure:

  • Professional Membership: $89
  • Athlete: $54
  • Introductory Athlete: $20
  • Instructor Membership: $15
  • Member Club: $160
  • Domestic Sanction: $90
  • Foreign Sanction: $300
  • Foreign Athlete, Coach, Judge: $30

As a reminder, all membership, safety and background check expiration dates have been aligned with the competitive season which expires each year on July 31st. Memberships expire each year, safety every 4 years and background check every 2 years.

Registration for the 2014/2015 competitive season will begin soon. Please watch your emails, and the USA Gymnastics Member Services webpage for the announcement.


USA Gymnastics Strengthens Athlete Participation Policies

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 2, 2014 – As part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to promote a safe environment for athletes, USA Gymnastics has strengthened its policy regarding athlete participation in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events. Effective Sept. 15, 2014, all athlete members must be affiliated with a USA Gymnastics member club to participate in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events.

As of Sept. 15, 2014, unaffiliated athletes may no longer compete in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events. All athletes participating in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events must be affiliated with a USA Gymnastics member club. Only member clubs may apply for membership in USA Gymnastics on behalf of an athlete and/or register a team of athletes into sanctioned events. All member clubs agree to follow a number of registration requirements, including implementing recommendations from the Participant Welfare Policy; certifying that no persons permanently ineligible for USA Gymnastics membership – which includes convicted sex offenders and/or persons on the permanently ineligible for membership list – are or will be associated with the club or its activities in any way during the club’s membership period; and employing at least one staff member who holds a current, certified professional membership (or a certified instructor for a recreational facility).