Rules & Regulations

Maine Rules and Regulations

Meet Fee Caps
Pre-Sectionals and Sectionals
$41 for Compulsory and Xcel plus $1 for scholarship fund
$46 for Optionals plus $1 for scholarship fund

Theme Meets
$60 for Compulsory and Xcel plus $1 for scholarship fund
$65 for Optionals plus $1 for scholarship fund

State Championships

$70 for Level 2-5 & B/S/G Xcel

$75 for Level 6-10 and P/D Xcel

NOTE: “Theme Meets” are meets that are held in your gym and must have all of the following criteria to exceed the local meet fee cap:
1. Must exceed R&P for awards
2. Medals, trophies, or plaques must be used in place of ribbons
3. Must include a participation memento (goodie bag, t-shirt, etc.)
4. Two-judge panels are required.
5. Team fee of $25 may be charged but clubs may opt not to enter into the team competition.

Invitational Meets
Invitational meets are held in outside facilities where the additional cost of gym rental and equipment rental are involved will not have a fee cap.

Scholarship Fund for Maine Graduating Seniors
The State Administrative Committee recommended and the Pro Membership voted to continue the scholarship fund for USA Gymnastics-Maine graduating seniors by adding an additional $1 per gymnast to the meet fee for all in-state pre-sectional, theme and state-run meets. A fee must be included with the sanction form and coaches/judges sign in forms to the state chair by the host club.

Bid Forms for Hosting State Run Events
Any club wishing to host Sectionals, States or Clinics must be a USA Gymnastics Member Club and complete a Bid Form to the SAC by October 15.  

Gate fees 
Pre-Sectional Meets – $10 adult; $7 child/senior (12 & under; 65+)
Theme and State Run Meets – $10 adult; $7 child/senior (12 & under; 65 & older); $20 per day family rate
1. Clubs may want to consider charging a family fee for pre-sectional meets.
2. Adequate seating must be available if you are charging admission.
3. Admission charges should include a program. If the admission fee does not include a program the spectators should have a rotation sheet available to them at no cost.
4. All equipment for state meets must meet R & P specifications. 

Xcel Rules
Maine will follow the National Xcel Rules using the following levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (for athletes who have competed Lv. 8 or higher).
Numbers of Xcel athletes within the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels will determine whether or not there are age groups this year. See Age Divisions for State-Run Meets below.

Qualifying Criteria for 2016-17 Season
All Around
There are no qualifying scores to be able to attend the 2017 State Championships.  However, every gymnast must compete and pay a $15 “Sectional” fee prior to competition in 2 IN STATE MEETS.  The meets must be declared prior to competition and the fee must be paid on Meetmaker.  The fee would equal $30 as there would be 2 $15 meets designated.

Event Specialists
Level 9/10 Event Specialists:  must declare in writing to the State Chair by 2/15/17
Levels 7 and 8 must have achieved a score of 8.5 at sectionals and one other sanctioned meet on the event/s to qualify for states
Levels 9 and 10 must achieve a score of 8.7 or better on the event/s to qualify for states and a 9.0 or better at States to qualify to Regionals.

Age Groups
Age Divisions will be set once rosters are complete and they will be the same for the season for all state-run meets.

Drop Back Rule
As soon as a gymnast competes at a sectional meet at a particular level she must stay at that level and not drop down. She may however move up.  Please see pages 15 and 16 for more specifics re other provisions for dropping back through the levels.

  • Mobility Score to Advance to Next Level
    JO – Per 2016-2017 USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies – see page 76

Xcel – Per 2016-2017 USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies – see page 47
Meet Warm Up Times
Per 2016-17 USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies – JO – page 103, Xcel – page 67.

Qualifying to States
A gymnast must compete at 2 IN STATE RUN meets and 1 meet anywhere for a total of 3 meets.  If an athlete does not achieve it, she must submit a photocopy of the results of an additional sanctioned meet from the current season showing a score equal to or greater than the state qualifying score by March 7, 2014.
If a gymnast is sick or injured she must submit the following to the state chair:
1. A physician’s written verification of the illness or injury and date of release for return to gymnastics activity within three days of that meet.

  • All state qualifiers will receive a state leotard
  • Instead of participation medals for States, everyone will receive an AA trophy

Judges for States
Maine’s criteria for selecting judges for sectionals, states and regional competition consideration are:

  • Professional member in good standing with USA Gymnastics and NAWGJ
  • Judging actively at the levels for which they are being considered (2 USA Gymnastics sanctioned meets/season) Meets may be in-state or out-of-state.
  • Exhibit a high standard of professionalism in attire and demeanor at meets
  • Volunteer a minimum of 3 hours at in-state clinics or gyms that are not their own/season
  • Attend Regional/National Congresses and/or participate in judging educational opportunities. 

Parking at Meets
Handicap parking spaces should be provided and marked as such.
Spaces should be reserved for the judges somewhere near the entrance. The Judge Assignor will provide the meet director with the number of spots to be reserved after she confirms the carpool arrangements.


Meet Director’s Responsibilities After Each Meet – MUST BE DONE WITHIN 48 HOURS AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE MEET

  • Send sanction report form and coaches and judges sign in forms to USA gymnastics Member Services per instructions in the sanction packet.
  • Send copy of sanction report, coaches and judges sign in forms and $1 per athlete (scholarship fund) to the State Chair, Carol Hamilton-Brewer, 122 Middle Road, Skowhegan, ME 04976
  • Send copy of sanction report, coaches and judges sign in forms and $1 per athlete (head tax) to Region VI Chair, Kathy Ostberg, 365 Spring St., Shrewsbury, MA 01545
  • Send or submit Meet Results to Donna Landau within 48 hours of the meet in ProScore per Rules & Policies

Mailing address:
Donna Landau
29 Chickdee Lane
Kennebunk, ME 04043


  • Please be familiar with and adhere to the USA Gymnastics Code of Ethics, Duties and Responsibilities of Professional Members found on pages 1-3 of R&P. These include but are not limited to the dress code for meets, professionalism, acceptable and unacceptable behavior and consequences of same.
  • Please make your gymnasts aware of their rights and obligations as athlete members. These can be found on pages 4-5 of R& P.
  • USA Gymnastics participating clubs are assessed $100 annual fee that is due and payable to USAG-Maine by 10/15/16
  • All clubs hosting a sanctioned meet for optional levels must have a vault runway of at least 1 and 3/8 inches (+ or – 1/8 inch).
  • For the 2016-17 season, host gyms may run concessions and raffles at state-run meets.

I.          Minimum of 30 days prior to the competition:
A.  Send “Request for Sanction” form to USA Gymnastics Member Services with appropriate fee. Include late fee if past the deadline.
B.  Send a request for Judges form with appropriate fees to the Judge Assignor.

  1.      Once date is secure:
    A.  Send out Meet Information Invitation to clubs.
    B.  Include the following information:
    1. Date/Site (driving directions and address)
    2. Contact person w/phone number and e-mail
    3. JO Levels and Xcel Divisions
    4. Age divisons
    5. Awards
    6. Entry fee/Spectator admission fees
    7. Equipment
    8. Formal
    9. Tentative schedule
    10. Entry form and deadlines
    11. Hotel accommodations if appropriate

III.        Accepting Entries

  • Accept only entries with complete information and entry fee
  • Avoid telephone entries
  • DO NOT overload sessions. Refer to page 41 USA Gymnastics R & P as a reference.
  1. A minimum of 10 days prior to the meet
  • Confer with meet referee or judge assignor on meet organization/event assignment.
  • Number of gymnasts per squad
  • Number of events that will run concurrently
  1. Send pre meet information to the clubs and judge assignor by Monday prior to the meet.
  2. At the meet
    A.  Open the gym early. Make sure it is heated appropriately.
    B. Make sure sound system is in good working order
    C.  Welcome visiting coaches/athletes/parents/officials
    D.  Coaches must sign in before proceeding to competition floor
    E.  Conduct coaches meeting and review the following:
  3. Warm ups
    2. Touch procedure
    3. Scratches
    4. Confirm age groups
  4. Be prompt with rotation and warm up times. Stay on schedule.
    G. Have judges sign sanction form
  5. After the meet
  • Make copies of the Sanction Report Form and Coaches Sign In Form to USAG Member Services per instructions in sanction packet.
  • Send copy of sanction report and coaches sign in forms to the State Chair, Carol Hamilton-Brewer, 122 Middle Road, Skowhegan, ME 04976 and Regional Chair, Kathy Ostberg, 365 Spring Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 within 48 hours.
  • Send $1.00 per athlete to State Chair for Senior Scholarship Fund
  • Send $1.00 per athlete to Regional Chair
  • E-mail ProScore file of meet results to Donna Landau who will track qualifying athletes. Her address is 29 Chickadee Lane, Kennebunk, ME 04043

VII.      Officials – Meet directors should be familiar with contracts.  See pages 51-63 R&P.  Highlights are:
         A.    Meet fee
1. Hourly fee that can be broken into halves
2. Minimum payment of 2 hours (Officials who travel over 100 miles one way, the minimum payment will be 3 hours)
3. Officials must submit a breakdown of their expenses (per diem, mileage, tolls, fee and rate.
4. Pay officials at the end of the competition unless prior arrangements are indicated on the contract.  (For any State run meet, the State Chair will submit the officials’ invoices to the USAG national office immediately after the competition. Checks will be issued by the national office on Tuesdays and Fridays directly to the officials.
B.   Travel – Officials deduct 30 miles from Round Trip mileage
1. This DOES NOT apply to officials who carpool
2. Mileage will be paid to the driver @$.56 per mile
C.  Per Diem – When meals are not provided
1. No per diem for meets that are less than 3 hours (exception: officials with round trip mileage of 100 miles or more)
2. $15 when site responsibilities are at least 3 hours but less than 8 hours.
3. $30 when site responsibilities are 8 hours or more.
D. Overnight competitions:  All meals not provided by the meet director or club are compensated at a rate of $15/meal to a maximum of $40/day.
E.  Break Time
1.  Minimum of 30 minutes after 3 ½-4 hours of judging time
2.  Minimum of 45 minutes after 7 hours of judging time
F.  Hospitality Considerations:
1.  Reserve Parking – Judge assignor should notify meet director as soon as she knows about carpooling
2.  Comfortable room for judges’ meals, between sessions, etc.
3.  Light refreshments upon arrival and during competition (coffee, tea, water, muffins, donuts, crackers, candy at tables.  The happier you keep the officials, the better the meet runs.
4.  If you are providing meals, they should be nutritious and not concession type food (i.e. hot dogs, popcorn).